Your uniquely oriental massage experience starts with NatureCare 
About Us
Company Name and Service Mission
NatureCare Oriental Massage LLP prides herself on the service mission which is best represented by the lush, full, rounded bloom, pink Peony. Inspired from this ancient oriental flower. NatureCare regards healthy body as a representation of wealth, good fortune and prosperity.

Magnifying the flower of riches and honor, NatureCare love and care for our Nature, and undertake the health and wellbeing of every customer like that of the Nature. This promise is delivered through a team of highly qualified and trained professionals; a range of treatments; and a conducive and clinical environment.
Professional Team behind NatureCare
Both the Directors and founders are qualified with CIBTAC Diploma certificates in Anatomy and Physiology, and Body Massage (awarded by CIBTAC- Confederation International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, United Kingdom)

Carefully chosen, our masseuses are also qualfied with Diploma certifications in Holistic Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, awarded by International Therapy Examinations Council (ITEC, UK). NatureCare has been awarded CaseTrust for Spa and Wellness Accreditation (CASE-TRUST) for good business practices.
Conducive and Clinical Environment
NatureCare values a clean and hygienic treatment environment. The highly maintained standards are only possible through an uncompromising monitoring of housekeeping.

There are a total of 13 massage rooms in this luxuriously furnish premise of 3680 sq. ft . For indulging in a more private repose, you can also opt for one of the two couple rooms

For the tired feet, there are 5 reflexology chairs ready to serve you.